The Last Cookie

After a divorce, will you change the way you discipline your kids? How does a divorced dad deal out Rewards and Punishments when the landscape of parenting has changed?

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Labor of Love

People who don't "work" and provide housework have always been exploited and underappreciated. But did you know that there was once a movement to instate wages for housework?

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The Good, The Bad, and The Unfriendly

Has anyone ever called you a Helicopter or Tiger Parent? Are you just as confused by those titles as you are to why you're being judged too harshly? Parents today face more judgment and scrutiny than they ever did before.

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End of the Rogue

Becoming a father can change you in ways you never imagined. Research has proven that men experience physical changes almost as significant as a mother does.

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You Have the Right to Remain Silent!

Is open communication with your spouse about your parenting practices a good thing? Perhaps you are allowed to do things the way you want to without having to always report or verify it with your significant other.

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Missing Link

How did parenting evolve in our species in the first place? What is really going on here and do we really know what we're doing?

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Putting Food on the Table

Being a stay at home dad can make you question your manliness. But do we have to wonder if we are being a bad role model to our own sons?

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Are you going to pay for that?

In caring for my kids on a budget, I sometimes do things that I feel guilty about. I sometimes wonder: are we parents raising our children at the expense of society at large?

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Be a Man About It

Fathers and stay at home dads should stop trying to be more like mom. We men need to bring our own style to parenting!

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The Sins of the Father

The new generation of dads are having to live under the mantle of our fathers mistakes. When will we be recognized for the modern dads that we are?

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Three Beautiful Words

Being a parent to a late talking child is scary. This is my story of the first time I knew that my son was going to be okay one day.

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