Keep’n it clean

It’s official! TheDisturbedDad sells out. Well… not really. Right now, I have no official sponsorships. It makes sense. Anyways…. This’ll be a free one. Hopefully, Huggies will hear about it. Check my contact 😉 Here goes:

While kill’n it as a father, there’s been ONE product that’s helped keep shit under control: 

Huggies Natural wipes! This product has stuck with me, even well beyond the Days of Diapers Past. Though my kids are both in school now, I still buy this product because there’s more uses for it than just wiping baby butts.

Please post in the comments your unique use for this product (or any type of baby wipe hack – but no cutesy stuff: make an effort). Below I will attempt to market why I think Huggies Natural wipes is an essential tool for every disturbed dad’s arsenal, to aid in his own personal fight to clean shit up!

Someone knocks on the door, and you suddenly notice the smell of balls. What do you do? If you’re lucky enough to be a parent, you’ll probably have a bag of Huggies Natural wipes and there won’t be a problem!

“I love that smell.”

Huggies Natural wipes is simply the best tool on the market to fish that odor out of your pants before you answer the door. Thanks Huggies!

If you’re a serious parent, you have to keep a keen eye out for products that are going to be worth the money. Many new parents make the mistake of buying wipes based on price. While Huggies Natural wipes are not the cheapest out there, they score high marks with me in other areas: Chemical Factor and the Re-tissue Effect.

Chemical Factor: There’s a real relationship between the cost of a wipe and the chance of it containing something  your child will be allergic too. My youngest son is very sensitive to allergens, and Huggies Natural wipes have never given him a problem. I don’t mind spending a few extra cents to keep my son from scratching his butt all day. He’s 5 years old and he refuses to use toilet paper. He’ll only use Huggies Natural wipes when he finishes on the toilet. Makes taking out the trash take on a whole new aspect for me as a dad!

“I can’t wait to smell my fingers when I’m done itching!”

Re-Tissue Effect: Since I’m not sure of the correct terminology, I call the most important ingredient in a bags of wipes the Re-Tissue Effect: it’s like a box of Kleenex. When you pull out a tissue, another tissue should appear in its place. Even Huggies Natural wipes doesn’t always score a 100% on this scale, but they do rate the best out of any other brand I’ve tried. If you only have one hand (because the other is trying to keep poop leaking out a packed diaper) you would understand why this is the most important factor when deciding which brand to choose. Your choice is clear.

“Why does it make my brain hurt?”

In closing, I’m not going to waste time explaining why I’m doing free marketing for Huggies. Maybe it’s because I hit the adz button on my WordPress account today: I got kids you know! 

I want to raise my boys myself, so I want to capitalize on my words. It’s not selling out if I’m just keep’n it real:

I really do love this product. It’s one of those tools I’ve added to my dad arsenal over the years. I’m not ashamed to tell you I use it. I’m proud. If you’re another serious parent, then you’re like one of my veteran buddies. We do the job others don’t, so this is really just shop talk. Not an ad.

How was that? Well… If you don’t trust me, then check out the toilet paper scene in Deadpool 2! Oh God? Why did it have to be Matt Damon who spoke the holy words which rang from the bottom of my soul?!

Here’s a YouTube Link:

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