Are you worried that you can’t pay your bills, even though you have a job? Well… I just lost my job, and I’m worried how I’m going to pay my bills. But I pranked my employer on my way out! Enjoy!

So I work for a company…. Okay, let me start again. I worked for a company called Grizzly Industrial. It’s a pretty weird company. I got the job after my divorce, and Grizzly really kept me afloat through a tough custody/relocation case with my ex wife. Since parting ways with the company, I have since realized that Grizzly abused me and abused (and are still abusing) my coworkers. I don’t want to get into all the specifics, and you can play all the tiny violins for me that you want. Since I have this platform, I thought I would show you how I pranked my employer on my way out. If you want to shame me for what I did, just know that I had already identified myself to Grizzly as a disgruntled worker. They were the ones foolish enough to let me have access to their computer programs all the way up until the end.

To give you the briefest of back stories here: let me just say that over a year ago I pointed out that Grizzly was illegally rounding hours on all of our paychecks. I have no idea how long this was going on before I worked there, but it only affected a few of my paychecks until I pointed it out. I was happy when they reviewed my concerns with their legal team and stopped rounding the hours. It’s more complicated than what I’m writing here, but the main thing was that they stopped breaking the law. They didn’t offer to pay people back what they owed (and I think that’s smart, because they would be admitting they did something wrong) and they’ve been just hoping no one would notice. I let it go, and never even told a single coworker about it.

Fast forward to over a year later. I still have said nothing, but I’m still poor. I still can’t afford health insurance on my wages. Unfortunately for me, I got a back injury and missed 3-4 days of work because of it. I ask if Grizzly if they will “help” buy me a chair (since I work from home now and pay for everything – it’s even my own computer I use for work) and I insult an HR agent while I do it. There’s more to the story, but I think that’s where I can leave that part of the story for now (I know I shouldn’t have been snarky, but I’m an asshole). I didn’t think I was being that rude, but sometimes people mistake honesty for insults. Whatever.

After that, I find myself on 2 final warnings: 1 for attendance (regarding the time off for my back, like I mentioned), and 2 for a call I was on where I was recorded telling my mom to go get my son from school, because I was at the end of my shift and I was on a long order. My customer knew he had a long order, so he offered to let me go. I took his offer, after saving his order, and went to get my son on time. Grizzly has me on a recording, guilty of what’s called Call Avoidance (and it’s a call center thing, so don’t worry if you don’t understand why they want to fire me). Anyway, long story short: I think I was retaliated against. Maybe I’m crazy, and it didn’t happen that way. Fine.

Here’s how I got back at Grizzly before I officially left. I’ve since scrubbed my computer, so I can’t give you a screenshot, but Grizzly used Microsoft Teams to take care of daily communications. We all used it daily. It’s a horrible software, but it let’s you send text chats to each other. Grizzly uses it for everything from Zoom-type meetings to company announcements. Now Grizzly isn’t really computer savvy, but a lot of their official channels on Teams wouldn’t allow me to Post (at least someone was smart enough to set admin restrictions). However, I found a couple of channels that they had made in the past that allowed a guest to begin a “conversation”. If I am correct than I was able to post a “Company Announcement” that went to every employee at Grizzly. If it didn’t, I was still able to send out an identical message to a small group of supervisors and coworkers. And maybe that was enough to get enough information to the people who need it. As well as rate this prank as a pretty successful burn.

Before I post what I sent on the company lines, I just want to say that I wish I had done it sooner. I wish I hadn’t waited until I was already fired. I wish I hadn’t been such a wimp and had stood up a little taller. I should have had more integrity than that. Judge me how you wish. I am open to any criticism at this point. Go ahead.

If you want to know why I’m posting this on my Dad Blog that I haven’t touched in a year, it’s because I’m still scared of Grizzly. They were able to terrorize me by using my job against me. Do you know how scary it is to think about finding a new job during a pandemic? If you’re scared enough, you might put up with all kinds of things. I might be a drama queen, and I can minimize my own experience by myself (thank you very much). But if you are experiencing something that is WRONG. Don’t let anyone tell you, “that you are over-reacting”. Take care of yourself and stop trying to be nice to other people. If you are worried you’re an asshole, than just make your problem into a prank instead. Have fun! Love you.

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